Sassafras and her sweetness

One of the interesting things we have learned about parenthood is that as soon as the kiddo starts to spell, you lose a bit of your edge on them. Just try throwing i-c-e c-r-e-a-m or s-w-i-m around in the presence of a 5 or 6 yr old and see if you can pull anything over on them.

But oh my, how it thrills this mama heart to see my Sass starting to put that newfound literacy into action. She writes little "I love you" notes on our family home base marker board and incessantly makes gifts of pictures and drawings for nearly everyone whose path she crosses. It is revealing a new part of her that is so tender and affectionate. I would even go so far as to say that observing her putting letters together into words of affirmation for family and friends tells us a lot about her love language

Recently she discovered a stockpile of cards I had stowed away and decided she wanted to write a little note to all of her friends in her class.

All 20something of them. 

The only problem was that all these cards were already, um, dedicated to certain categories. Sweet Sass just blissfully marked through the "Happy Birthdays" and "Congratulations" because, after all, what kid doesn't want a card with kitty cats or balloons or army guys or racecars on the front? 

But then we ran out of Happy Birthdays and Congratulationses.  


Poor Sarah. Here's hoping her reading skills aren't beyond her years.