Way Back Wednesday

Originally posted on the adoption blog in September 2010

Sassafras's Thoughts

Today we went to the local craft market and picked up a few things for the girls. We are trying to collect enough small trinkets so that we can give Pearl a gift from her birth country every year on her birthday. Matt enjoys all the deal-making at the market, but I grow weary of it.

Granted, I don’t really “understand” the whole shilling vs. dollar thing here, but I always feel like whatever they ask us to pay might be high but it’s also probably a great deal in comparison to American goods and prices. And it seems like that money is buying their family food for the month. That probably makes me a sucker...which is why The Captain carries the money. :)



After putting her sweet sister to bed, Matt and I thought it would be fun to give Sass a little interview tonight to let you all know what she thinks about Africa. It was really funny to hear her little 3-yr-old reactions to these basic questions. Let us know if you have any more questions we could ask her! 

What do you think about Africa? It’s great.

What is your favorite part of being in Africa? Drinking yogurt out of a bag. (It’s true. We do buy yogurt in a bag here. Hot yogurt in a bag.)

What is your favorite thing to eat? Jackfruit and Nutella with pretzels

What is your favorite thing to drink? yogurt

Who are your favorite people here? Mr. Alfred and Mr. Solomon (He is one of our drivers here. He is an older gentleman, which makes him stand out in Uganda since the average age here is 15.)

What is your favorite thing to do here? Play with Pearl

What did you do today? Played with Pearl and went shopping for presents

What is the funniest thing you’ve seen? a cow in the road

What is your favorite animal here? duck

What is your favorite place to go in Africa? Pearl’s orphanage

What do you miss from home? my bed (amen, big sister)

Who do you miss from home? my cat, but some people are taking care of her (yep, some AWESOME people!)

What is one thing you want to go do when we get home? stay with mommy and daddy and Pearl, and take a nap

What is your favorite thing about Africa?  people here

What do you get to do here that you don’t get to do at home? I don’t have to ride in a car seat

What are you going to miss about Africa when we leave? Mr. Alfred

What did you think about court? They had toys there (True fact. There is an outer waiting room where we sat for a while, and it did indeed have some toys. Granted, they were sad little dolls with their legs broken off, but apparently Sass wasn’t traumatized by that.)

Tell us one word to describe Africa. Nutella (Our friends here to bring home their baby as well brought some Nutella, and Sassafras has officially become hooked on the stuff.)

Are you glad you came to Africa? Yes!

What is one thing you like to do with Mr. Alfred? Look at his big Bible book (Translation: it is actually an illustrated dictionary for English learners. We have no explanation for why she calls it a Bible, despite multiple corrections.)

What do people ride around on here? boda bodas (motorcycles) and bicycles

Are you ready to go home? Yes

What are you going to do on the big airplanes on the way home? eat a snack (she said she wants nuts)

What is the first thing you will show Pearl when we get home? All my toys, and we will share them

What should Pearl eat when we get home? Chick-fi-la, but it’s very far away right now (Ahhh, a chicken biscuit sounds heavenly right now!)