Refillable Squeezems

By the time there were THREE kiddos in the castle, much had changed in the world of baby accessories. Likewise, our preferences in what is absolutely necessary and what's just fluff are now fairly solidified.

That's different for every parent, of course, but for us: Ergo-necessary, wipee warmer-fluff.

It's a struggle somewhat as the comptrollers of three little hoarders, but The Captain and I tend to be fairly against the Collection of the Stuff. We rotate toys, purge, yada yada yada. One element we really like in any kind of kid or baby gadget is the degree to which it's reusable and will save us money. 

I present to you, the refillable Squeezems.  

And some little applesauce-covered bits of my Sweet Love. You're welcome, Internet.  

Squeezems are what you need for homemade food pouches. Buddy Fruits-on a good day- are about $1 a pack. Pour any kind of squished up anything (bananas, applesauce, yogurt, whatever) into a Squeezem and you've got yourself a much more economical snack option for your little miss or mister. They're even BPA-free and all that jazz. 

I also really like that these help us get some fresh and healthy snacks into that little tummy, without... a) having to sit right in front of her to spoon it in, because that just isn't always realistic, or b) her trying out an applesauce hair and face masque while we tend to whatever other craziness is taking place in the Casa de Wilson. 

If you go the Squeezem route, just be sure to press the lid down very securely. So long as you do that, nobody gets a trip to the applesauce spa.  

What's going in your Squeezem?