Way Back Wednesday

Originally posted on Mommy Diaries in August of 2007

Vomit and Slobber...these are the days of our lives. 

Sass threw up on me not once, not twice, but three times today.  I don't mean the little spots of slobber that you can dab off and forget about. I mean like running down your shirt kind of vomit.  Nice, huh...it's probably because the little porker is up to 6 ounces every 4 hours now. She gets her good looks and sweet temperament from her daddy..what do I pass on to possibly my only biological child? The tendency to overeat, bless her heart.

Having a baby has been an immensely humbling experience for me. I've always fancied myself as organized, put together, knowledgeable, and one who tries to anticipate things and prepare for them before they happen. Sass might as well have been born with a big honking sign around her neck that said "Well, chuck that little dream world out the window, girlie...there's a new sheriff in town!"  

At the very beginning of her life I felt like I was spinning my wheels trying to figure out what she needed, and then I read some parenting books about schedules and sleep cycles and whatnot so I decided to "take charge" of our new existence (laugh all you want-I'm just being honest here).

I just wanted to do everything RIGHT so that I won't scar my child for life...sometimes I still worry that somebody will figure out that I don't have a clue what I'm doing and will send Supernanny over or someone to give Sassafras to a more qualified mommy.  Especially when we're out, I wonder if I'm doing things in the wrong order or the wrong way, and people are secretly gasping in horror at my stupidity.

(To chase a rabbit here, tell me your solution to this dilemma: when unloading groceries from the buggy, do you...A)put the baby in the car before putting your bags in the car but don't crank it up so some thug doesn't carjack you and steal your baby, but meanwhile leaving your baby in a hot car for a few seconds, B) put the baby in the car and crank it up so she won't be hot but run the risk of the thug taking her, C) leave the kid in the buggy until after you unload groceries so that she is safe from the thug, but run the risk of another thug stealing her out of the buggy while my hands are occupied with the bags, and also basically watch her cooking in this lovely heat we are now having or D) hold the baby's seat on one arm and unload bags with the other, but jostle her and bang the seat against the door so many times that she starts crying...and now you worry that the thug is going to go after your purse now that the baby is safe.  

A screaming baby further complicates these matters.  

Me? I have learned that it is worth it to just pay more and shop at Publix where someone else can unload my groceries for me! ;)

Currently, I've reached a place where I realize that no one else knows my Sweet Thang or what is best for her like I do and that even if we do things OUR way (not mine or hers or even "by the book") that everything will be okay. No Supernanny, DHR, or future therapy!  I'm also trying to not to take things, or myself, so seriously, and to just enjoy this little gift for what and who she is!  Now as far as the vomit and slobber...that I can do without.