Way Back Wednesday

Originally posted on Mommy diaries in August of 2010

Sweet dreams

I dreamed about walking into her orphanage. Everything was blurry until the moment I got to her crib, but Pearl -especially her face that I have stared at and kissed and prayed over in a picture frame for 6 months now- was crystal clear. She stood up and held out her arms for me. I picked her up, and I can even remember her sweet smell. She put both of her hands on either side of my face and looked so deeply into my eyes that I knew that she knew that her Mommy had finally come. We stood there that way for a while, and then we resumed normal life. After that initial moment, neither of us could ever remember life before the other had come into it.

Not sure where the other 2 most important people in our lives were at the moment, but I treasure this little sneak preview into the special relationship between Pearl and myself. She and Sass are going to love each other. She will love her Daddy and all the attention he will lavish upon her. But I know that she will know I love her. And one day very soon she will love me right back!

We will most definitely have trials along the way with her bonding and attachment to us, but I know beyond all doubt that eventually we will not even remember life before her, and she will not remember life before us.

Pray, if you will, that the difficult period between "Who are you people?" and "Oh, you're MY people." will be very swift and very smooth.

Pray that Pearl will somehow just know that we are hers and she is ours. Pray that the grief she will inevitably experience in leaving behind all the people she has ever known will be real enough for her to deal with it in a healthy way, but pray that it will be brief.

Oh, we love her. Oh my word, we are so amazed that we get to love her! 

And we love all of you guys, too. Thank you so much for your prayers, your cheers, and your love for our baby girl!