Hondastic Odysseus Theological Seminary

I may not be able to tell you what I wore yesterday, but the day we bought our minivan is forever burned into my brain. Well with Chica Numero Tres, I had two other hungry and irritable children to feed and entertain for hours as The Captain and I mucked through all of the typical car-buying nonsense.

This particular company has an amazing new car sales building, in which one can sample a buffet of treats and snacks with free wifi and toys for the kiddos. All of the things are so shiny there and all the people are so nice and helpful that you would consider naming your unborn children after them. 

Or so I hear. 

Because we were over in the used car building, a much different world. There was wood paneling and dusty shelves and calendars that were two years past still pinned onto the wall. Posters were faded, some ripped. There was a single pot of coffee but its cleanliness was questionable, at best. It was where office furniture was taken to die. Sales reps were nice but sparse, and I remember waiting there, feeling totally grateful for the opportunity to purchase a vehicle that would carry all of us at once, but (if I'm honest) sulking a smidge. I was embittered that this whole life moment was one I never wanted. I was going to have to surrender the cute little key to my cute little Crosstour...and exchange it for a minivan.  

I had just never been a fan of the van. 

Until, of course, then I was. I mean, seriously. It's like driving around in a recliner, for one thing. And there are cupholders everywhere. No, really. The Captain counted once and there are eight cupholders in the front seat alone. Who drives minivans? Apparently people who are very thirsty, that's who. Also, the back-up camera! I didn't even know it had that until we pulled off the lot because I barely test-drove the thing. And the DVD player with headphones??? We don't use them all the time but when we do? Bliss. Or at least 10-minute intervals of it. 

Some days, that DVD player even converts our sweet little swagger wagon into a little Bible class for kids. This video, from the What's in the Bible?  series has been incredible for helping us teach our girls not just to love and trust God's Word because we do, but more importantly to love and trust God's Word because It is uniquely worthy.


There are silly puppets and songs with hilariously clever and memorable characters, but there is nothing simplistic about the content. Deep, historical facts typically reserved for advanced level adult Bible classes are presented for kids in a way that they can learn and absorb easily. I love Phil Vischer's vision for raising the bar on what we expect our children to handle regarding Scripture. I love that they take kids beyond the Noah-and-the-ark basics into a deep-rooted recognition of how God's Word came to be (covering everything from the Septuagint to the Apocrypha to the Biblical Canon). 

So far we have Volumes 1 and 2. There are a few tiny details I've heard that I'm still studying in order to affirm, but I love that just listening to the videos as my kids watch them in the van has given me new understanding of the Bible's authenticity as a whole and its historical significance. At this point I say without hesitation that the What's in the Bible? series is unequivocally the best multimedia resources on the market for teaching kids about the Bible. 

Come and join us on the Hondastic Odysseus Theological Seminary anytime, friends. I promise, it's the only theological study class where you'll have your own headphones, snacks, air vents, and cupholders.