Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire (Rafe Esquith)

The nonfiction market is flooded with books with plenty of suggestions on how to improve teaching, how to better reach students, and how to surf the swell of the latest and greatest in educational fads and pedagogy.
They sell, and they sell well, because teachers are one of the few professionals who are continuously seeking improvement. They honestly do want to do the very best they can with this opportunity to shape the minds of the future.
Every once in a while, there comes along a rare jewel that is practical, and actually does contain some helpful tips for teaching. Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire is one such book. Rafe is a seasoned teacher from the New York city system, and this book begins with some basic concepts about what the big goal really is for educating students. He also goes into detail with practical ideas he uses with his students to teach them to think outside the box. Rafe is a one-of-a-kind teacher, and reading his book and applying the ideas within it will help others become those rare gems in the teaching world as well.