The stars of my show...

1) The Captain

Husband of over a decade, this guy is pretty much the best it gets in a life partner. Dude is tough, talented, hilarious, wise, loves his family, and never hesitates to put our needs before his own. He spends his days running a nonprofit and the rest of his time being good to his girls. I see Sperari Caeli in him every day. Once, after watching an episode of Little Bear, in which LB visits his father who is a boat captain, our oldest daughter decided that she wanted to call her daddy Captain, too. Given that he naturally takes charge in pretty much every situation, it stuck. Current loves: this yummy cucumber dill dip he figured out how to make with Greek yogurt. Hates: whining.



Sassafras is our eldest

. She is five going on 25. She is witty with a huge slice of silly, and is currently rocking kindergarten's face off. Sassafras lu-huvs being the biggest the point where a "You are not da mama" refrain echoes through our house at times. She is a huge help to us with the younger girls...most of the time. Sperare Caeli is something she is just beginning to learn about, and I'm anxious not to rush it but to see her thoughts develop. Current loves: coloring with oil pastels, American Girl, and cheerleading. Hates: going to bed, finishing her dinner, and wearing her pink shoes "because they make my feet hot."




is our three year old stick of dynamite. Adopted from Africa about two years ago, God has used this little girl in more ways than one to change our family from the inside out. The Captain and I had never cherished Sperare Caeli so much as during her adoption process. Adoption and the plight of the orphan is a big deal to us, and I'm sure you'll know all about it soon. Pearl has the most gorgeous smile and a laugh that is better than chocolate. She is the middlest sister and enjoys being given some big girl responsibility...most of the time. She's a feisty one. Current loves: shouting out "peanut buttah!!!" and then laughing hysterically, and telling me she ate chicken nuggets for lunch at preschool, when she knows I hate her eating chicken nuggets. Hates: anything that is not exactly the way she wants it exactly when she wants it.


4) Sweet Love is our four month old. Thus far, she has been the single biggest surprise of our life. After 9 months of wondering just what the heck we were going to do with another baby, now we simply cannot imagine our world without her. She is beautiful, sweet-natured, and relaxed...perfect in every way. We have Sperare Caeli for her life and purpose in this world. Current loves: milk and chewing on her fingers. Hates: being left in her carseat for more than two minutes after we get home.


5) It truly is an injustice that, given the fantastic collection of nicknames I have provided my people, they have wholly failed to reciprocate. Pearl calls me Chocolate and once The Captain tried to call me Queen Chocolate. Fail. Even though I'm nicknameless, for some reason I still get to be a part of this amazing family. I'm very thankful for that, and that I get to spend my days doing something I like: being a school librarian. Current loves: when all my people sit down for a lovely, delicious meal together and everybody finishes their plates without weeping or gnashing of teeth. Hates: that that literally never happens. Sperare Caeli gets me through it.

I can't say for sure, but probably won't ever post their pictures in entirety or use their real names. Not that it matters, because we are probably already Facebook and Instagram friends and you already get the boatload of pictures I throw out there, anyway.

These are the stars of my show.