Without even having to ask what I wanted and needed most, my favorites knew that the best Mothers’ Day gift for me this year was time.

Time away.

Time to think.

Time to breathe.

Time to relax.

Time to write.

Time to dream.

Time free from the incessant barrage of expectations that I sometimes feel I’m drowning in as a working mother of three small children.  

When I got to my van Friday afternoon, there was a hotel key and an address on my seat. In that hotel room was literally everything I could ever have needed or wanted for the next 24 hours: journal, clothes, toiletries, laptop, iPad, books, tech case, extra phone charger in case I’d forgotten mine, a mani/pedi gift certificate for a place right up the street, a gift card for dinner from my favorite restaurant within walking distance, a stash of drinks in the mini fridge, snacks, and most importantly…a small pile of chocolate.

It was the stuff of dreams, y’all.

For 24 hours I prayed and read and wrote and cried. I organized my files, took a frivolously long shower, left fragile items wherever I wanted, and let the Yelp app choose my breakfast.

You may have a different personality type, but God made me in such a way that time like this is as essential to my sanity as having air to breathe. I truly love the service-oriented nature of my profession, but the fact is that all day long, I’m covered up with endless requests from teenagers and adults who need, need, need and are loud, loud, loud about it. As soon as Sassafras walks into my library each afternoon, work life and mom life overlap. My kids, my sweet and beautiful treasures, they also need, need, need and are loud, loud, loud about it. It can suck the life right on out of an introvert.

Maybe not anything so lavish as this carefully orchestrated getaway, but on a regular basis I need some time. Mamas need some time.

Let’s try to do a better job of taking some small bits of time, ladies. Families, hold us to it. 

I like banned books and I cannot lie...

Found this exceptionally terrific mug whilst on a weekender with The Captain.

Oh, the books.

You may be surprised to see some of these titles, and then again you may be hidin' yo kidz at the mere mention of "banned books." {Scandalous!} Seems like everything can be viewed controversial, as controversy is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

As for me, I pretty much just like 'em all ...even if it's really just that like picking them apart. I post here every now and again some thoughts on whatever I might be reading at the moment...though a bliggety bloggin genius is at this very moment working on a prettier version of that site. Deets to come soon!


Story Cubes

Currently wild about: these story cube dice.

I had the incredibly uncommon fortune of being in a store all alone one day, and yeah, even though I was supposed to be buying bandaids or something, these puppies caught my attention.

The way they work is absurdly simple. You roll the dice (as many or as few as your kids can handle; Sassafras can do three, sometimes four, but Pearl...she's good with one), and then make up a simple story including the items on the dice.

Sometimes they're tricky and we get stories like "The compass helps you travel around the world and you can read a book."
But sometimes we get hilarious, drawn-out adventures. 
Especially when The Captain is rolling. He's kooky like that. 

You might be able to find them at Walgreens, as I did. Amazon has them as well. 
*Amazon affiliate link. 

Kavu bag

Currently wild about: this Kavu tote bag.

I snatched it for a steal at a clearance event and have enjoyed its colors and brilliant pocketing ever since. It's just right for my iPad and it also has a clear center section perfect for those things you usually have to dig for. Well, you still have to dig; you're just digging more efficiently. I'm also loving that though it's heavy on the ebony, that teal and white with a pop of red will carry me through spring as well.

Isn't it just magical to find just the right bag for just the right time in your life?